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"I Don't Know What I Don't Know" reveals next steps in Gravity Center's free seminar

Steve Gatter
January 18, 2022


The upcoming workshop, Examine Your Idea, is focused on stage one, Ideate / Innovate and the workshop’s objective is to affirm what we know, and what we still need to learn about it.

During the 90 minutes we will use, and learn to use it again, a template to explore the five key ingredients to an idea. And though they may seem logical, if this is your first business idea, they fall into the category of “I don’t know what I don’t know”. 

Whenever we do something for the first time, we truly “don’t know what we don’t know”. Examining these 5 ingredients at one time brings an idea into focus and reveals the next steps.

The 5 key ingredients are

  • Money
  • Value
  • Sales
  • Competition
  • Motivation

The template is non-linear and the ingredients inter-relate. Answers may have to be revisited as the other answers become known.

There are four questions in this exercise that are unusually insightful to a product definition and rarely addressed soon enough:

[1] What is capacity now?

[2] When and how do clients feel the benefit?

[3] How hard is the decision to buy?

[4] Is the offer what clients need or want? 

Especially if you have an idea, join us. 90 minutes now will get you to break-even sooner.

January 27, 10 to noon, FREE, At The Gravity Center, 153 South Oakland Dr., Rock Hill, SC

Presenter – Steve Gatter, Business Coach to Startups & Freelancers –

Click here to register.

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