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Tax Tips for Small Businesses

Hannah Horne
March 16, 2022

It's tax season!

I recently happened upon some tax tip websites for small businesses I found extremely helpful in understanding:

* What can I deduct?

* What changes happened to the tax code in 2021?

* How can I best ready and prepare my paperwork for my accountant/tax accountant?

* Home-based deduction differences

* Peer-To-Peer based income reporting (accepting payments through Venmo, Paypal, etc)

* What the heck is a 1099K? 

...and more.

I've linked the websites below:

·        2022 Tax Season Planning You Should Be Doing Now

·        Getting Ready to File? Tax Deductions For Home-Based Businesses

·        10 Tax Deductions Your Business Should Know About

·        Home Office Tax Deductions: What You Need to Know

·        Understanding Peer-to-Peer Payment System Income Tax Reporting for Small Business

·        Why did I receive a 1099K for my business' online transaction revenue?

What tax questions do you have about your small business/entrepreneurial venture that we can help find answers for?

Email them me at

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