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Where else can you gain access to exclusive networking opportunities with seasoned entrepreneurs; get their guidance, and introductions to vital professional services that would normally be daunting and expensive to new entrepreneurs. By taking advantage of our many offerings, you can expect to see an incalculable return on your investment.


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With your subscription, you gain access to a suite of entrepreneurial benefits as well as exclusive networking opportunities with seasoned entrepreneurs.

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Associate Membership

Just starting your entrepreneurial journey and want to test the waters? Join our membership as an “Associate Member”. Your benefits are the following:

  • First Wednesday of the month common-area coworking
  • Discount on conference area and classroom reservations
  • Annual Membership Luncheon
  • Other local business discounts


Local Entrepreneur Access Program (LEAP) is your access to successful, proven entrepreneurs who are ready to share their experience and support. This is a by appointment program for GC Members to provide you focused and practical advice for your entrepreneurial journey. The following areas of expertise are available with the support of the GC Board of Directors:

Mechanical & Trade Services

(HVAC, Plumbing, etc.)
Mike Geddings


Ryan Sanderson
Tadean Page

Agency Services

(Insurance & Real Estate)
Dawn Johnson
Mike Ziemke
Tadean Page


David Copp Stringer

Government Service Providers

Tadean Page

Non-Profit Organization

Samantha Kriegshauser
Tadean Page

Industrial & Manufacturing

Charles Lindsey McAlpine
Robert Alexander
Doug Meyer-Cuno

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Entrepreneur in Residence

The Entrepreneur in Residence is a seasoned entrepreneur (or entrepreneurs) who will reside at the Gravity Center on a periodic basis and offer their ideas, insights, and guidance for start up as well as experienced entrepreneurs looking for next level support.

Members can schedule a time to meet with the Entrepreneur in Residence and leverage the opportunity to gather information on a variety of topics. For example, topics might include why the entrepreneur formed an LLC or an S Corp; HR experiences; how to hire for a specific job; experience on health insurance providers; how to manage a scaling organization; or how to seek venture capital.

Members Meet-Ups

On a regular basis, the Gravity Center will host networking events to invite members to interact with each other, hear a guest speaker or be a part of a person/professional growth event. These events will be “members only” and held at the Gravity Center or other participating venues.

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